Happy New Year

As 2016 draws to an end, I look back on a year filled with great friends, great controversy, great surprises, great loss, and great times.
I’m incredibly thankful for the diverse group of people I call friends, and even more thankful for the passionate discussions, debates, and conversations we have.  I am fortunate to have a wide array of perspectives, opinions, thoughts, and ideas that I can listen to.  I’m equally fortunate to have an audience to share my own perspectives with, as well.
Whether you believe we need to make America Great Again, or that America already is great, we have plenty of work ahead of us. Until no child dies of cancer, or goes to bed hungry, or has to sleep in a bathtub for fear of bullets, we have work to do.  Until no parent has to choose between healthcare and a roof over their head or food on the table, we have work.  Until our students and employees can compete successfully in a global economy, we have work.  We may differ on the methods, but we all agree that too many Americans suffer, too many are marginalized, and too many don’t feel that they truly have unalienable Rights.  Until every citizen believes that these truths are self-evident, and that we can learn to respect and understand those who are different than we are, we have work.
We are not a Nation of one, we are not all alike.  We have different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, languages, thoughts, and ideas. We may be different, we should be different, but we can be united.
As we begin a new year, a new administration, and a new era, we shouldn’t put aside our differences, but embrace them.  It is only together that we can make a better America.
I look forward to learning more from each of you in 2017, and sharing my thoughts and opinions with you.  While I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, I do resolve to listen more.
May 2017 bring you, your families and friends, health, happiness, and prosperity.  Embrace the new year with the excitement you had as a child, without fear, but with hope.  A new year doesn’t necessarily bring change, but with an open mind, an understanding heart, and a passion in your beliefs, we can make things better.
Happy New Year!

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